Qingteng Wanxiang·Workload Adaptive Security Platforms

Provide the efficient intelligent perception, visible analysis and fast response capabilities

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Core Platform

  • Asset Inventory

  • Risk Assessment

  • Intrusion Detection

  • Compliance

  • Security Log

  • Risk Assessment Platform

    We are dedicated to helping users find internal risks accurately, helping security teams locate problems quickly and effectively solve security risks. At the same time, it provides detailed asset information and risk information for accurate analysis and response. Detection of weak passwords of more than 30 applications is supported, and more than 30,000 high-value vulnerabilities can be automatically matched, so that the attack surface will be reduced effectively by 90%.

    • Continuous security monitoring and analysis
    • Multiple applications/system risks
    • Strong Vulnerability Library Matching
    • Professional specific remediation proposals
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  • Intrusion Detection System

    Provide multi-anchor detection capability, which can detect intrusion events in real time and accurately, discover breached hosts, and provide a means of response to intrusion events, which has zero impact on business systems. The detection capability covers more than 100 intrusion scenarios, and the fast response time is less than 15 seconds. Through visibility depth analysis, more comprehensive and efficient attack detection can be achieved.

    • Multidimensional intrusion perception
    • Real-time event monitoring alarm
    • Deep visible analysis
    • Fast processing response
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  • Compliance System

    A benchmark requirement consisting of the Graded Protection of Information Security and CIS is constructed, which covers several versions of the mainstream operating system, web applications, databases, etc. Combined with the baseline content, on the one hand, users can quickly carry out enterprise internal risk self-test to meet the security requirements of regulatory authorities; on the other hand, enterprises can define baseline as the security standard of enterprise internal management.

    • Continuous follow-up of regulatory policy requirements
    • Covering various systems/application baselines
    • Support for customized inspection standards
    • Seamless integrating with enterprise management platform
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  • Security Log Data Platform

    Workload Web event log is stored using big data technology, the product can also guide customers to query and analyze the log from the security point of view, discover the trace of hacker intrusion, and restore the attack site. Based on ES system, the product has the ability to obtain query results within 5 seconds while statistically analyzing TB level data, ensure that all data is stored for at least 180 days, and flexibly imported into other systems for use.

    • Big data storage technology
    • Quick information query and retrieval
    • Volume analysis and processing of large data
    • Support flexible system export
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